Pixel Light Effects

From 2015 to 2017, I worked as the Creative Director at Pixel Light Effects, a Vancouver-based company offering 3d scanning for film and television.  Together with a talented team of engineers and programmers, I helped to develop reliable, highly mobile photogrammetry setups, as well as pipelines for working with and cleaning up that scan data.

Photogrammetry capture ranges from the very simple to the very complex – and human scanning is at the far end of the spectrum in terms of difficulty.  Although in theory it’s possible to do human capture using a single, hand-held camera, in practice that is rarely reliable enough for commercial use.  Because it takes so long to take the hundreds of photos necessary, people can move (ruining the scan) – and since the data usually takes too long to process on-site, it makes it a very risky approach.  The solution to this problem is multi-camera arrays that can be triggered simultaneously.

Version 5 - capable of capturing a scan in 1/100th of a second, with total reliability every time

Of course, this many cameras is a lot less portable than a single DSLR.  So, we packed the entire rig – 144 DSLRs, lighting, and control systems – into the back of a Sprinter.

Instantaneous scanning also makes it possible to capture blendshapes and FACs.

We also built specialised setups for cross-polarized, vehicle, and prop scanning – check out the PLE website for more info.

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