Research (Scanning and VR)

From 2013 to 2015, I worked as a researcher and artist at the PMP lab at ECUAD.

My own research focused mostly on photogrammetry scanning – trying to refine a reliable process for photographing assets for use in vfx and games pipeline.

I also experimented with the lab’s handheld scanner – the Polmytheus Fast Scanner.  Although it produced very noisy data, it was faster than single-camera photogrammetry, which made possible to use it scan expressions that could then be used to drive blendshapes.

In addition to capture, I experimented with methods for removing noise and cleaning up the raw scan data.

I was also very privileged to get a chance to contribute some designs and models to Dr. Maria Lantin’s upcoming VR project in the S3D centre.  (You can see the super high-tech setup here.)