Greg Snider’s ‘Kilter’

I had the pleasure of working with Vancouver artist Greg Snider to produce a proposal for a public art piece showcasing the terrain of the ocean floor – a shell representation of the world as a continuous ocean with all the continents and land masses removed.

Under his direction, I modeled the globe, produced renders for the proposal, and supervised the 3d printing of the models.

Using publicly available GeoTiff data, I was able to produce a highly accurate model of the ocean floor, with the up-axis exaggerated approximately 20x for readability.

Still renders of the globe were also produced in a variety of different materials, to best explore the different options and lighting options.

Two versions of the model were produced – an accurate version for the renders, and a less delicate version to be 3d printed at 1:12 and incorporated into an architectural model.  The model was printed in high detail FDM using soluble support, making it possible to get a very smooth internal surface. A 6 x 6 x 1.5 inch section was also printed at 1:1, to give a sense of real-world scale.

More of Greg’s beautiful work can be found here.

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